Revenue Streams
Meta Brawl is built using a Games as a Service model. Rather than relying on a one-off purchase, we provide a game that is free to play, releasing optional monetized content and features that work to enhance and expand the game, without being a requirement to play the game. (Below are two examples of revenue streams from in-game purchases)

NFT Sales

Brawler skin sales are the most common in-game purchase in Meta Wars. To keep the game engaging and supply gamers with new material, our team is continually developing new skins and products. Once purchased, these items can be used by players within Meta Brawl to customize their character's appearances, animations and trade them with other users outside the game like any other asset. The skins are made up of a finite number of NFTs, and their value is determined by the number of NFTs per skin.

Secondary Market Royalty Fees

A royalty fee will be introduced to all Meta Brawl NFT trades in any marketplace: such as TokenTrove, OpenSea, or the official Meta Brawl Marketplace. As our trading economy grows, our revenue in royalty fees will grow alongside it ensuring the company's growth and providing customer satisfaction.
Last modified 6mo ago